German Halle gunman admits far-right synagogue attack

Police secures the area after a shooting in the eastern German city of Halle on Oct. 9 2019

Police secures the area after a shooting in the eastern German city of Halle on Oct. 9 2019

Police have detained one suspect and believe that the German man acted alone in this heinous act. By the end of the attack, the gunman, whose assault was hindered when his homemade weapons repeatedly jammed, had shot dead a woman outside the synagogue and a man in a nearby kebab shop.

The gunman is suspected of two counts of murder, nine of attempted murder and other offenses, Frank said.

German media have reported that the suspected gunman, arrested by police after the attack, was Stephan Balliet, a 27-year-old neo-Nazi German citizen.

Other video footage of the attack filmed by eyewitnesses shows a masked attacker wearing a helmet who calmly gets out of a vehicle and begins firing a weapon that he has to reload after each shot.

He said before the shooting that Jews were "the root" of "problems" such as feminism and "mass immigration", according to a group that tracks online extremism.

Twitch, owned by e-commerce giant Amazon, is best known as a site for watching others play video games, sometimes with commentary and tips for viewers.

According to the head of the Jewish community in Halle, Max Privorozki, the attacker who was wearing a steel helmet and carrying a rifle, tried to shoot open the doors of the synagogue but eventually failed.

"From what we know, the accused Stephan B. aimed to carry out a massacre in the synagogue", said federal prosecutor Peter Frank.

Police said the "perpetrators fled in a car", adding later that one suspect had been caught.

He tried two doors and placed a device at the bottom of a gate, then fired at a woman trying to walk past his parked vehicle. "Our thanks to the security forces who are still on the case", Siebert said.

But somehow - improbably - the door held.

"We barricaded the doors from inside and waited for the police", he said, adding that about 70 or 80 people were inside the synagogue celebrating Yom Kippur. In a statement, a spokesperson for German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "Our solidarity to all Jews on the holy day of Yom Kippur".

"That on the Day of Atonement a synagogue was shot at hits us in the heart", Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wrote on Twitter.

Israel's United Nations ambassador, Danny Danon, called on the worldwide community to "declare war on anti-Semitism and to act with determination to halt the epidemic of hate against world Jewry".

Germany has taken pride in the rebirth of Jewish life since the Nazis' World War II slaughter of 6 million Jews across Europe.

The company said it "worked with urgency to remove this content". The shooter also threw what looked like a grenade. "He didn't say anything".

The first victim, Lange, couldn't work due to medical reasons and devoted her time to going to concerts and collecting autographs, her friends told the outlet. "I was hiding behind the salad counter". He warned on Friday that more attacks could happen "at any moment" and that Berlin was "extremely alert" to further attacks.

Several people were also injured in what local authorities described as a "rampage". The suspect in Luebcke's killing is a far-right extremist with a string of convictions for violent anti-migrant crimes.

The worshippers were brought out on buses several hours later.

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