Knicks' Marcus Morris avoids suspension for 'unprofessional' foul

Justin Anderson and Marcus Morris

Knicks' Marcus Morris bops Justin Anderson on the head with basketball, could face regular season suspension

During the third quarter of Monday's preseason game, Wizards forward Justin Anderson was closely guarding Morris in a halfcourt set.

Morris was being defended by Anderson and clearly annoyed. Morris got into Anderson's face just after clocking him with the ball and was subsequently ejected from the contest. Then Morris smashed Anderson on the head with the ball. He exchanged words with a few of the Wizards' players, including Anderson, on the way back to the locker room. Morris was handed a flagrant foul 2 and automatic ejection, and he could be facing a one-game suspension from the league.

"Am I concerned [about a suspension]?"

After the game, a 104-99 NY win, Morris said there were "some things said" by Anderson that led to the exchange and noted that he "overreacted a little bit".

Morris is expected to compete on the second team backing up starting NY forwards Kevin Knox and Julius Randle. I would be concerned if it was regular season.

"At the end of the day, I've got to be a better professional and stay in the game", Morris said.
However, he was maybe looking for this moment to a tone-setter for the season as he told reporters, "we not taking no sh**".

Morris, 30, signed a one-year, $15 million free agent deal with the Knicks in July.

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