"I am here for Adam Silver" - Rockets' Harden

On NBA-China dispute Warriors coach Kerr shows why silence can be golden	
				Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On NBA-China dispute Warriors coach Kerr shows why silence can be golden Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's complicated. The NBA wants to continue its bond with China, using the country to help popularize its brand, but Morey's tweet perhaps hinted that not everybody in the NBA is so supportive about the country's treatment of Hong Kong, which has been under Chinese control since 1997 with promises of a "one country, two systems" plan, according to the Handover of Hong Kong agreement.

China, however, was pissed.

(The Pooh came to the forefront of the Chinese government's current crackdown on social media images and Winnie-the-Pooh franchise movies that started in 2017 the honey-loving bear.) Meanwhile, the rest of theSouth Parkcrew, not in China, gets frustrated as a movie about their new metal band said Chinese standards.

The National Basketball Association continues to abase and disgrace itself (this was better, but still not almost sufficient), making clear that maintaining its lucrative gravy train to the huge Chinese market is more important than standing up for American values such as freedom of speech, small-'L' liberal institutions, and democracy. On Tuesday, that was extended to exhibition games between the Lakers and Nets in China this week.

Security went over and escorted them out of the arena. He tweeted a photo saying "fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong" on Saturday while accompanying his team in Tokyo.

"If Silver thinks endorsing the indiscriminate violence the radical Hong Kong protesters are resorting to.is supporting freedom of expression, then he should think again", it said. "There have already been fairly dramatic consequences from that tweet". Ted Cruz, calling in from Taiwan, said Wednesday.

"Adam said something that helps you understand what direction you need to go in, rather than the cowardice of not being able to respond to something of the murder of Mr. (Jamal) Khashoggi".

"It is inevitable that people around the world - including from America and China - will have different viewpoints over different issues". "We simply could not operate that way". Also, here's what doesn't count as free expression.

"Daryl Morey, as general manager of the Houston Rockets, enjoys that right as one of our employees", Silver said.

But he is thrilled with how Silver - who issued a statement earlier in the day from Tokyo and then held a news conference there to further affirm how the National Basketball Association believes in freedom of speech as a core value - is holding firm to Morey's right to expression.

The NBA's initial response to Morey's tweet drew bipartisan criticism from prominent USA politicians, including Sen. There is a reason it's the very first amendment, after all. "And we should always have freedom of speech".

"There's big money in China". Wachs also shouted "free Hong Kong".

Following a Deadspin report that ESPN sent a memo to its staff barring them from discussing the controversy in greater detail, the Worldwide Leader in Sports has caught fire from a powerful voice in the United States. On Twitter? Have they bothered to check our President's Twitter feed lately or at all? "They're going to fall in love with him as they should because he grinds". Not for a million or a billion or a trillion dollars. You don't see much political sloganeering in the stands at American spectator sports, partly because most fans leave that behind when they're in game mode but partly because the teams recognize it's bad for business.

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