Essential CEO Shares Images Of Tall Mystery Phone

Essential CEO Shares Images Of Tall Mystery Phone

Essential CEO Shares Images Of Tall Mystery Phone

Other images and video showing the back of the device teased a "colorshift" material that changed shades from different angles.

Smartphone makers are realising they need to come up with new ways to excite buyers, and one of their strategies seems to be coming up with new form factors such as foldables, or in this case, insane tall phones. The phone can clearly be seen sporting a punch-hole camera. Well, we have been waiting for an answer to all of these questions and well, it seems like Rubin has kept himself busy with the development of a new phone, which could be the Essential Phone 2. As you turn the phone in your hands, the colors shift to look like a different color. Card-style apps appear on the home screen and as many as four appear to fit on the screen at once. Surprisingly, the phone appears to have a single rear camera and a physical fingerprint sensor below it.

Initial reports suggested that the Essential Phone 2 might have an in-screen camera, so either those plans have changed, or a true Essential Phone successor is also in the works alongside the GEM. Maybe those plans have been scrapped or postponed for the future. The launch date is not our yet but since the device is in "early testing" phase, it may take a few months for it to hit the shelves.

With 2017's Essential Phone, the company focused on a forward-looking but recognizable design.

We don't know the official name of the phone but Essential is calling it "Project GEM".

Both Essential and Rubin have been quiet post the launch of their first smartphone, the Essential PH-1. Last year, the company reportedly canceled a second model and even laid off 30% of its staff. Although, Google might not certify this device because the form factor is so odd - it just can't render most apps correctly. You can also see a small speaker grill at the top of the device, while bezels look decently thin as well. Do share your views with us!

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