China slams new iPhone app that can document Hong Kong police movements

A protester throwing a tear gas canister as police clashed with demonstrators defying a ban on face coverings at public assemblies. Largely peaceful marches earlier in the day later descended into battles with police. Broken glass at Mong Kok MTR sta

Israel warns citizens to steer clear of Hong Kong protests

That followed the decision by authorities to impose a ban on face masks, which protesters use to protect their identity, on Friday under colonial-era emergency powers.

The movement has since snowballed into an anti-China campaign with demands for direct elections for the city's leaders and police accountability.

Mrs Lam said Beijing wanted Hong Kong to solve its own problems, but under its mini-Constitution, known as the Basic Law, Hong Kong could ask Beijing for help.

Through periods of torrential rain Sunday, police battled with protesters who occupied streets, vandalized property and targeted businesses with links to the mainland. "I am wearing a mask to come here today. this is a form of silent protest", said 16-year-old student Bao Yeung, who was among a large group of supporters outside the court.

The last British governor of Hong Kong Chris Patten has warned someone could be killed if Lam does not engage in dialogue and has joined protesters in calling for an independent inquiry into accusations of excessive force by police.

In a statement Monday, police said the "public order of the whole city is being pushed to the verge of a very risky situation". In Sha Tin, some masked rioters damaged traffic lights and stormed the Sha Tin Wai MTR station, according to the police.

U.S. sports brand Vans has removed "a small number" of submissions in a sneaker design competition including one apparently giving a shout out to Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, as companies weigh the risks of angering China.

For weeks, the protests in Hong Kong drag. Sales in China declined four per cent in the quarter ending in June, but that was an improvement over the 25 per cent contraction in the first half of its fiscal year. Luxury goods such as jewelry and watches are common purchases by mainland tourists, and the value of those sales slid by nearly half.

Social media users claimed at least three designs based on the Hong Kong protests had been removed from the competition.

A pedestrian walks a dog during a protest in Admiralty, Oct. 6.

China has recently been taking issue with other American companies in regards to the Hong Kong protests.

Earlier, Cheng said that the current struggle and the greater willingness to adopt more violent methods was rooted in the failure of the Umbrella movement, where a 79-day occupation of the city centre failed to yield any concessions from the government.

An 18-year-old protester, shot at close range by a riot officer on Tuesday, was charged with rioting and assaulting police.

Rejecting foreign politicians' irresponsible remarks on Hong Kong, Lam urged them to stop maliciously criticizing Hong Kong's efforts to curb violence and glamorizing those who are committing violence as "peaceful demonstrators for freedom of expression". Both shooting victims have also been arrested.

And when asked for her thoughts on comments made by Hong Kong's last governor Chris Patten that the face mask ban was "madness", Lam said: "You can not make a spiteful comment on Hong Kong, or support the violent protesters, claiming that their way is peaceful and it's their freedom. The court adjourned a hearing in their application for a judicial review of the government step to after this month", it stated.

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