Windows 10X Unveiled: Everything You Need to Know

Windows 10X Unveiled: Everything You Need to Know

Windows 10X Unveiled: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft hosted a hardware event this morning where they announced a bunch of Surface products, a line of devices that we wouldn't normal pay a ton of attention to.

At the heart of the Surface Pro is Microsoft's new SQ1 processor.

The Surface Pro is available for pre-order today, and will be available on October 22.

The Surface Pro X will be priced starting at $999.

This year, Microsoft is offering not one but two versions of its Surface Laptop 3 - the regular 13.5-inch, and a larger 15-inch model.

The Pro X will be available November 5 for $1,000 (UK pricing TBA).

You've going to be mostly interacting with the display, which measures 13 inches across and has a resolution of 2880x1920 (267 ppi, 1400:1 contrast ratio). Its price starts at $999. Microsoft designed the Arm CPU together with Qualcomm and claimed it delivers three times higher performance per watt than the Surface Pro 6. The company has announced a pair of dual-screen devices at its latest Surface event: the Surface Neo computer and the Surface Duo Android phone. Today it showed off the Surface Duo, an Android phone that features two 5.6-inch screens that unfold into an 8.3-inch device. Thinner bezels offer the feel of a 13-inch, edge-to-edge touch screen in the chassis of a 12-inch device, Microsoft says.

Capping the flurry of new products is the Surface Earbuds, the least expensive but far from least interesting device unveiled today. The Galaxy Note 10 launch a few months ago was used to demo the Your Phone app that lets you control your phone straight from the PC, and earlier during the demo, Microsoft explained how a future version of the app will be able to handle calls on Surface laptops.

As its Windows mobile phone business struggled to gain traction, Microsoft acquired the device business of Finland-based Nokia in 2014 for some $7.2 as part of a reboot effort. There's also support for the Surface Pen, which attached magnetically to the back. Microsoft engineer Carmen Zlateff confirms Windows 10X can run all existing Windows apps. Unlike the Surface Neo, it's small enough to fit in a pocket.

"Surface Duo is the best chance Microsoft has ever had to drive success in smartphones", Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, told SiliconANGLE. The Neo, which is a tablet/laptop gadget, will run Windows 10X and Windows app.

Between the Surface Duo, Surface Neo, and next-gen Xbox Scarlett, next holiday is looking to be pretty huge for Microsoft hardware ripped straight from the future.

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