Apple Releases watchOS 6.0.1, but Does It Improve Battery Life?

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Apple Releases watchOS 6.0.1, but Does It Improve Battery Life?

Apple seeded the first iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 betas to developers this morning after teasing the release yesterday.

Release notes for iOS 13.2 beta 1 are pretty light on details of new features added in the update.

Apple has, as promised, rushed out a fix for the security flaw in iOS 13 that enabled third-party keyboard providers - such as SwiftKey and Grammarly - to potentially gather keystroke data.

The feature will be coming with iOS 13.2 and those with developer access to the iOS Beta can begin testing Deep Fusion now.

Developers using the watchOS 6.1 beta have also reported that it has improved their battery life, but with only anecdotal evidence it's hard to say whether this is due to fixes in watchOS 6.1 or due to other factors, especially considering that beta versions of Apple's operating systems often consume more battery due to additional debugging code that runs in the background.

According to the description, the iOS 13.1.2 update resolves a problem where the progress bar for iCloud back could continue to show even after a successful backup. It was followed by version 13.1 five days later to fix various issues. Also, there is a fix for an issue where the HomePod could not be able to run shortcuts.

The iOS 13.1.2 is designed for all the iPhone and iPod touch models compatible with iOS 13.

To download the iOS 13.1.2 or iPadOS 13.1.2 update on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings General Software Update.

Unfortunately, it's unclear whether the latest software solves the battery issues that some Watch owners have been complaining about since the release of watchOS 6.

It's unclear when watchOS 6.1 will roll-out worldwide.

The Apple Watch should restart twice before the update is completely installed. It notably emerged following the arrival of watchOS 6.0 earlier this month.

It seems the troubled operating system was a bit rushed to meet the launch of the iPhone 11, and Apple is now trying to play catch up to fix all the problems.

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