Diesel, 95 octane set to rise in October

Diesel, 95 octane set to rise in October

Diesel, 95 octane set to rise in October

The price of petrol in Delhi was ₹74.42 a litre, while diesel was sold at ₹67.33, up from Sunday's price of ₹74.34 a litre for petrol and ₹67.24 a litre for diesel.

By a rough estimate, a $10 increase in Brent crude oil prices translates to a ₹5 a litre increase in petrol and diesel prices in the country.

In addition to these, the price of light diesel oil will come down to Rs89.48 per litre from the existing Rs91.89 whereas the kerosene oil price will go up from Rs99.57 to Rs100.76 per litre.

Meanwhile, diesel rates soared to 67.49, Rs 69.85, Rs 70.76 and Rs 71.30 in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai respectively.

Petrol prices rose to Rs 77.10 a litre in Kolkata, Rs 80.08 a litre in Mumbai and Rs 77.36 a litre in Chennai.

When the first list was announced in June 2016 the premium petrol was QR1.20 per litre, super QR1.30 per litre and diesel QR1.40 per litre.

The subsequent damage which took more than 5 percent of the global oil supply off the market lead to a rise in political tensions between the Saudis and Iran, with the USA also dipping their beaks in.

Director of consumer affairs Conor Faughnan says: "Oil prices fell sharply at the end of past year and Irish fuel prices dropped as well".

Ogra last week proposed Rs2.55 per litre price decrease for petrol, Rs3.23 cut for High Speed Diesel (HSD) and Rs2.41 reduction for Light Diesel Oil (LDO). Other factors like rupee to USA dollar exchange rate, global cues and demand also impact the price of fuel.

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