Tesla V10.0 software update adds Smart Summon, Netflix/YouTube, Spotify, karaoke and more

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Software Version 10.0 also brings Smart Summon, which will allow customers subscribed to the company's Full Self-Driving and Enhanced Autopilot service to summon their vehicle out of a parking space and navigate its way to them. There is also the new Tesla Theater Mode where users can connect their Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu to the infotainment system and watch when the vehicle is in park.

A lot of the features were actually leaked early via a lucky "Early Access Program" (EAP) participant, although that first leak left out one of the biggest additions to the newest V10 upgrade - Smart Summon.

Federal safety regulators also accused Musk of issuing "misleading statements" on his company's Tesla Model 3 a year ago, sending a cease-and-desist letter after the chief executive claimed it was safer than other vehicles.

The release note, however, for Smart Summon comes with a warning that for safety reasons, the feature should be used only within the owners' driveways or parking space. In China, Tesla's adding support for Ximalaya's podcast and audiobook service. But for those with a subscription to Hulu Live TV, you will be able to stream live TV from your auto for the first time. When the update becomes available in China, it will offer iQiyi and Tencent Video access.

A lot of these updates focus on entertainment options, including the new "Car-aoke" mode, which, as you might have guessed, adds an in-car karaoke experience that includes a "massive" library of music and lyrics, Tesla says, with multiple languages supported. Those who purchased FSD now find themselves in the early access program which means they'll be seeing the software update first.

A judge ruled in a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) complaint Friday that Tesla CEO Elon Musk broke labor laws in May 2018 when he tweeted that the electric vehicle company's employees won't be able to have stock options if they choose to unionize. You can view business ratings, start a call or get directions to a place of interest with a tap. The system will delete older clips to make way for new footage if your storage is running low. The update is available for all the three cars the carmaker now has on the market.

Tesla Arcade: "Cuphead", Studio MDHR's run-and-gun action game, is now available in a special Tesla edition.

We have also made several UI and options changes available to drivers. Also, there's a new Joe Mode which lowers the cabin volume for select alerts.

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