Committees finish work in General Motors contract talks, top bargainers take over

General Motors workers continue strike for 10th straight day

Committees finish work in General Motors contract talks, top bargainers take over

"He needs dental right now and there's much I can do about unless I want to pay out of pocket", Goralsky explained.

GM counters that employing temporary workers is good for permanent employees because they enable the full-time staff to take time off. Hiring temps also gives the company flexibility to scale up production for new models and combat employee absenteeism. General Motors is a profitable company that looks like a safe bet but nowadays it "continues to close USA plants and ship manufacturing jobs to other countries as it gears up for a possible economic downturn in the short term, and a massively uncertain transformation of the entire auto industry in the long term".

The strike has cost GM about $100 million a day, analysts said.

Still, Burgoon said, "There are only so many units and once the units run out the strike impact really takes hold".

In many plants, some of the skilled trades work performed on site is by union contractors from the building trades, particularly for larger projects.

Meanwhile, Navistar announced it was laying off temporarily some 1,400 hourly workers at its plant in Springfield, Ohio, due to a parts shortage created by the strike at GM.

Superior Electric Great Lakes Co., a contractor at the Tech Center, refused to comment when asked if GM had pressured the company.

The union says they are asking for fair wages, affordable health care and job security.

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 25: Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Kennedy says the support has been "overwhelming", and stresses that the implications of this fight extend beyond GM workers here and around the country.

"'There's 50,000 workers at GM today".

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Detroit) has called on GM to remember its obligation to the people of her district, as the plant originally opened when the government cleared up a thousand homes in the neighborhood to make way for the facility.

The company's Berea plant will not be impacted. Now not only does the UAW have to dig itself out of the hole created by a concessionary contract, it must also contend with how an EV future will restructure the industry in a way that cuts jobs.

Around 48000 members of UAW that are working with GM are on strike since early Monday after both sides failed to strike a deal last Saturday which was the deadline.

For striking members, the equation is also quite simple since they see GM's record profits and insist the company can improve the status of the temporary workers, observers said.

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