Things to Know About the iPhone 8 iOS 13 Update

Things to Know About the iPhone 8 iOS 13 Update

Things to Know About the iPhone 8 iOS 13 Update

Apple iPhone 11 is available in three variants priced at Rs 64,900, Rs 69,900 and Rs 79,900. The phones survived being dunked into five feet of water for 30 minutes (though the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max did suffer some audio damage).

As with the note about performance throttling for older iPhones, Apple - the company that popularized non-removable batteries - admits that eventually all iPhone batteries need to be replaced.

"We are aware of an issue for players who upgraded to iOS 13.0, where touching the screen with 3 fingers will trigger an iOS function and interrupt the game", the game developer said. It's true: There are many apps that track you and collect data on you, and iOS 13 will affect all of these. The iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) in Space Gray and Gold costs $1,000 (plus tax), while the iPhone Pro Max (64GB) is priced at $1,100 (plus tax).

What about the new iPhone 11 series? Moreover, the update is also expected to fix numerous annoying bugs that users have been complaining about since the software was rolled out earlier this week.

Apple's newly released iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max include new performance management capabilities that help reduce the impact ageing batteries have to provide the "best possible performance as battery aging occurs over time". We should know more about the battery case in the coming weeks.

All three phones - the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max, have an IP68 water and dust-resistance rating (though the Pro models can withstand being submerged in deeper water than the 11).

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