Harry and Meghan start 1st official tour as family in Africa

Harry and Meghan start 1st official tour as family in Africa

Harry and Meghan start 1st official tour as family in Africa

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were greeted by school officials and dancers - and plenty of media - as they visited a Cape Town NGO, called The Justice Desk.

"[Meghan] is representing being a mother, being a wife and woman of color in the royal family - it's fantastic", Sue told CNN.

A busy first day ends in District 6 where Harry and Meghan will join a local cooking activity.

The duke and duchess were seen clapping with the locals and learning to dance.

After a rocky one year for Harry's wife Meghan, creator and TV personality David Starkey claimed the Duchess of Sussex is admired by the Queen.

The onscreen father of Meghan Markle is remembered with what difficulty the actress had to face because of the relationship with the Prince.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their first appearance in Cape Town, South Africa, on Monday afternoon to mark the start of their 10-day tour.

Harry and Meghan will then go to the District Six Museum and Homecoming Centre.

Royal fans will be hoping to get a glimpse of four-month-old Archie - described by a palace source as "an extra special small passenger to make things a little more lively".

The couple arrived in a South Africa still shaken by the rape and murder of a university student, carried out in a post office, that sparked protests by thousands of women exhausted of abuse and impunity in a country where more than 100 rapes are reported every day.

Archie was held by Meghan as the family arrived at the airport. The royal baby was wearing a woolly hat and blanket which was a similar look to the one Harry sported on a flight to Aberdeen in 1985.

Dewhurst shared that Prince Harry and Markle "absolutely loved" the gift, noting, "They said thank you so much". People, which has video of the moment, reports that Prince Harry also gave a speech on the first stop of the tour, at Cape Town's Nyanga township.

The tour is expected to focus on themes including youth empowerment, the environment and female empowerment, a topic Meghan will highlight in a handful of solo engagements.

The family is to remain together until Wednesday, when Harry will travel alone to Botswana, Angola and Malawi.

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