Global Climate Strike Scenes from Across the World

Youth climate strike protesters march through Boston toward the State House

Youth climate strike protesters march through Boston toward the State House

Life in the north is rapidly changing for Inuit.

A glance at the 3700 strikes around the world registered with Fridays For Future.

"They're going to have a world where it's going to be just so much different".

Earlier this month Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Perry Bellegarde said addressing the climate emergency is a top priority for First Nations heading into next month's federal election.

In an interview published by The Associated Press on Saturday, Thunberg was asked for her impression about the political situation in the United States around climate change.

Sukhman Dhami, 41, a human rights lawyer and another first-time climate protester, however, saw the strikes as a crucial step in spurring the measures needed to reduce climate risks.

"We're all out here organizing and building for this movement", she said.

Thunberg, who arrived in NY three weeks ago via an emission-free yacht, concluded the speeches, urging politicians to take greater action on climate change.

"Change is coming whether they like it or not", said Thunberg, hitting out at skeptics as she wrapped up the massive day of action in NY, where she claimed 250,000 protested. "It's important because these are the people we elected ... something needs to be done". "We are doing this to wake the leaders up; we are doing this to get them to act", Thunberg said.

She said meeting Mr Trump, a climate change skeptic who is not taking part in Monday's summit, is not a priority for her.

"I would really love if [students] move from despair to empowerment", Adkins told The Phoenix. They're trying to exaggerate their action on climate.

Protesters at the youth climate strike at Boston City Hall Plaza
Protesters at the youth climate strike at Boston City Hall Plaza

"I'm bothered by the lack of movement to make meaningful advances to solve the climate crisis", says Lufrano-Jardine.

Her parents supported her actions, she said.

Michael Wolfe of SunriseMovementKC said he hoped the rally would draw attention to how climate change intersects with other issues.

"And I think we bring a perspective that is rooted in anti-colonialism and in anti-capitalism that is necessary to inform what meaningful action looks like".

Demonstrators take part in a die-in under the rotunda of the Minnesota State Capitol on Friday.

Kacy Wiggins, 50, who skipped work as a math lecturer to attend the rally with his 12-year-old daughter, said he feared the protests would have little immediate effect.

Greta also batted back criticism she has received for her uncompromising attitude, describing it as evidence that "as a positive sign that we are actually having an impact". Graves told the student organizers the pact allows China to continue emitting more carbon dioxide while the US cuts emissions.

"The policy of the Bolsonaro government is the policy of environmental destruction and deepening the climate crisis. this is why we're on strike", said Marcela Pimentel Miranda, an organizer for Youth for Climate's affiliate in Brasilia, which is helping to organize the protests.

Many were there to hear Thunberg's simple message that is resonating across the globe.

GMA: Tell us about a time during your tour when you spoke to someone who opposes your beliefs. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images) DHAKA, BANGLADESH - SEPTEMBER 20: School students and protesters gather during a climate strike rally on September 20, 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

With the planet's climate showing signs of reaching risky tipping points, but politicians failing to act on them, "what else are we going to do?" he asked.

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