Justin Trudeau expected to comment further on brownface controversy

Justin Trudeau expected to comment further on brownface controversy

Justin Trudeau expected to comment further on brownface controversy

Residents of Justin Trudeau's home riding rallied behind the Liberal leader on Thursday as he struggled to deal with the fallout from old photos showing him in skin-darkening makeup, known as blackface.

Trudeau says the three separate instances of him wearing blackface and brownface "absolutely unacceptable" and "really embarrassing". "And too often, the culprit is military-style weapons created to inflict mass human casualties - guns so unsafe that they have no place in Canada", said the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Still, at a time when candidates are being caught left, right and centre for past controversial comments on social media, many political observers are scratching their heads about how evidence of more than one incident involving Trudeau, who has been familiar to Canadians since the day he was born, wearing blackface had not surfaced until now.

Kevin Bosch, who used to be director of opposition research for the Liberals, said he does not think the party ever did a systematic review of Trudeau when he came on the scene, likely because the party brass expected him to share anything they needed to know.

Where he wants to keep the focus, Singh said, is on all of the Canadians who've been hurt by what Trudeau did.

"The fact that it's not a third video also kind of makes it hard for him to make the argument he didn't know or didn't realize that it was wrong", she said.

Several times while apologizing, the crowd applauded Trudeau's efforts. "Trudeau is not dressed as Aladdin, he's dressed as Aladdin doing blackface", said Noah, during his monologue.

Roger Husband, whose two sons attended the school, said he often took videos of events there except for at galas, in order to allow people to be "a little less inhibited".

"Besides being problematic, it also sounds like Justin Trudeau would be the most annoying guy on Halloween", Noah said.

"I've spoken with young people who tell me that if the prime minister can mock their reality, can mock their struggles, then what's to stop other people from saying 'if the prime minister can make fun of people for what they're going through, why can't I?'", Singh said at an event in Windsor, Ont.

"I just don't know what to tell you". We need to continue to have conversations about discrimination, and what we can do to teach our children, and those of us who lead, to respect the diversity of all Canadians.

Would Trudeau refuse to endorse the nomination for any would-be Liberal candidate had such a candidate replicated Trudeau's blackface actions? "So we're going to do more and we're going to do better. This is pretty bad", Colbert said. "He appeared contrite", Miljan said Thursday. "You have to get ahead of it and acknowledge the mistakes". In at least two of them, the local prominence of the Conservative candidates is giving the party some hope it can win this time.

"My grandparents came here in the early 70s, they never would have thought their granddaughter would have a name on a ballot, let alone be a cabinet minister".

He said in 2017 there were 2,500 more victims of gun violence in Canada than in 2013.

The release of the images comes as huge blow to Mr Trudeau as the country prepares to go to the poll on October 21.

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