Jennifer Lopez said her son will walk her down the aisle

Warner Bros.‘The Goldfinch

Warner Bros.‘The Goldfinch

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lopez revealed that her 11-year-old son, Max, will be walking her down the aisle when she marries Alex Rodriguez.

Asked if Max will walk her down the aisle, she said: "Of course". The 50-year-old El Anillo songstress did however share that her fiancé's comments about the destination being "a long flight away", were all talk.

"He's just saying things", she told ET, adding that the couple has yet to nail down a time to get married.

The actress hasn't even picked a time to tie the knot.

"We can't narrow it down yet".

The movie and its strong cast have been getting a lot of awards season buzz ahead of its premiere, and Lopez says the support and love has been really appreciated. It's not clear who assumed the duties in her previous weddings, but given Max's closeness to A-Rod, it seems like he has the responsibility down.

"You know, I'm looking at some of these reviews and thinking, like, 'OK!' And feeling like I already won". "I'm not really thinking about anything else, except kind of living in the moment and feeling really happy that people are loving it".

After Lopez, Alex also went for an interview on Today Show with Hoda and Jenna and he reacted in a very amusing manner when got to hear the statement of his fiance. "I think, like, when you're a little girl and you're dreaming, you know, you want to be an actress or you want to be a singer. And it's so amusing now, me and my kids live here".

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