Iran rules out dialogue with US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during a session at the parliament in Tehran Iran on Dec. 25 2018

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during a session at the parliament in Tehran Iran on Dec. 25 2018

Asked if he would ease crippling sanctions to help bring about a meeting with the Iranian leader, Trump replied "we will see what happens", while warning it would be "very, very dangerous" for Iran to boost its enriched uranium stockpiles.

Zarif said "the world - minus 3 or 2 panicked cohorts - was breathing a sigh of relief" after Bolton's ouster. For now, Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said the United States would keep up its campaign of sanctions and military pressure.

Last year, the United States pulled out of an worldwide agreement between Iran and world powers under which Tehran accepted curbs on its nuclear programme in return for access to world trade.

Rouhani, in a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron later Wednesday, repeated his position that if Europe finalizes a way for Iran to sell its oil, Iran would return to the nuclear deal's commitments.

"The enemy imposed "maximum pressure" on us".

"The momentum of Bolton's departure might make a strong argument for a meeting to happen in NY this month, but US-Iranian tensions are not all about Bolton; there are issues that need to be discussed and compromises to be made", Macaron said.

He said what matters to Iran is US "compliance with global commitments as well as lifting cruel and illegal sanctions", the semi-official Fars news agency reported Wednesday. Iran has responded by restarting some nuclear activities prohibited under the agreement, a strategy some analysts say is aimed at building leverage ahead of any potential talks.

Syria: Bolton, whose influence in the Trump administration had recently waned, was an architect of the administration's efforts to expel Iran-backed proxies from Syria.

Meanwhile, a Bloomberg reporter wrote in a tweet that in a meeting Monday morning Donald Trump talked about a reduction of sanctions against Iran to pave the way for a meeting with Rouhani.

"The U.S. should understand that warmongering and warmongers are useless, discharge the warmongers, and abandon its policy of warmongering and maximum pressure", Rouhani himself said at a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday, ensuring that no one would miss the point that Bolton was a warmonger.

Both Trump and Rouhani are scheduled to attend the UN General Assembly in NY late September.

Ali Shamkhani, a top Iranian security official and secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, said Bolton's exit has "no impact" on how Tehran views US policy.

Toossi added that Bolton's firing was a "good sign", but a change in personnel would be meaningless without a change in policy to go along with it.

"We have taken the third step".

"The departure of Bolton definitely sends a strong signal to the Iranian regime that Trump is serious about engagement", Macaron told MEE in an email. "I think the problem is that it's a naive point of view to believe that we can militarily topple regimes around the world and that they'll be replaced with democracies".

The 2015 deal was struck after concerns from the U.S. and its allies that the nuclear program, which Iran insisted was for civilian use, aimed to produce weapons.

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