Syria says Israel was behind airstrike in country's east

IDF confirms its drone crashed in Lebanon during reconnaissance mission

Lebanon's Hezbollah say they downed Israeli drone

Control of the area is split between US-backed Kurdish fighters and groups aligned with the Damascus regime, which is supported by Iran and Russian Federation.

A small copter-sized craft did crash over Lebanon but wasn't shot down, the IDF told the media on Monday.

"Yesterday, Sunday, an Israel Defence Forces drone in northern Israel fell into Lebanese territory".

A Syrian security official cited by the government-controlled Syrian Central Military Media said the Israeli planes targeted a military camp that was being set up by the Syrian army and its allies. "Tel Aviv will burn in fire", Special Assistant to the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament for International Affairs quoted Hassan Nasrallah as having said in a recent meeting with him in Lebanon in a tweet on Monday. Hezbollah said they had "confronted" the drone with "appropriate weapons" as it was heading towards the southern Lebanese town of Ramyah and it was brought down on he edge of the town.

Israel had also raised the stakes by accusing Iran of stepping up efforts to provide Hezbollah with precision-guided missile production facilities. Any new war between Israel and Hezbollah would raise the risk of a wider conflict in the Middle East, where Iran has defied US attempts to force it to renegotiate a 2015 nuclear deal it reached with world powers. The military said the rockets were launched from the outskirts of Damascus by Shiite militants operating under the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Wednesday, August 28:The Lebanese army said it fired at two of three Israeli drones in southern Lebanon after they violated Lebanese airspace.

Israel, which has vowed to keep weakening Iran so long as it continues to develop weapons that threaten the Jewish state, has launched attacks against a variety of targets, and has reportedly stepped up its campaign against Iran-backed forces in Iraq in recent months. Hezbollah denied this. Hezbollah said it destroyed an Israeli armored vehicle during the exchange of fire last week, killing and wounding those inside, and it broadcast what it said was footage of two missiles hitting a moving vehicle.

The strikes - attributed in some reports to Israel - hit a military base used by pro-Iran Shi'a fighters.

"Israel's military said it wasn't a big event and there are no concerns that Hezbollah could get their hands on any intelligence", the correspondent tweeted.

A Reuters witness at the Lebanese border near where the drone fell said the area was calm on Monday morning.

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