Little Mix's Jesy Nelson

I remember going to the kitchen and I just took as many tablets as I could. "You deserve to die".

Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has opened up about being the victim of cyberbullying ahead of her documentary, "Odd One Out".

The cruel comments included: "Fat singing whale","The fat one is repulsive", "Kill your f--ing self", "Go chop your f--ing head off", "Jesy's face is deformed", "That one from Little Mix looks like Miss Piggy from the Muppets".

The Drag Race UK guest panelist has been keeping fans entertained with behind-the-scenes clips from Little Mix's tour rehearsals on her Instagram. Then I laid in bed for ages and kept thinking, "Let it happen".

Speaking openly about battling depression and an eating disorder, the 28-year-old told The Guardian: "All I cared about was what people were saying about me".

"I could see that I was losing weight and sometimes I'd see a few good comments and that spiraled me to be like: 'This is how I need to stay'".

The singer told the newspaper that she reached a turning point while touring with Demi Lovato in the United States in 2014, when one of Lovato's dancers pulled her aside and told her to quit Twitter.

Nelson said she reached her lowest point in 2013 after performing again on "The X Factor" and receiving more online abuse about her appearance.

In the BBC documentary, which will be available on the iPlayer and will air on BBC One from 12 September, she recalled how the bullying began nearly immediately after the X Factor.

"Back then I just thought everyone hated me", she remembers.

In the documentary, which premieres on 12 September, Jesy revealed that she became obsessed with reading comments about herself and it had a terrible impact on her mental health.

"I would leave halfway through a photoshoot, because I couldn't bear looking at myself or being in front of a camera".

Jesy adds: "The whole world had an opinion on me and they weren't good ones".

"And if the stylist hadn't got the right size for me - by accident - I used to go into a meltdown and think, "It's not just because I've got the wrong size clothes, it's because I'm too fat to be in them".

She added: "I'm a completely different person now, I'm a lot happier and mentally stronger".

"It's a big decision to open up about something so personal but she's determined to help others".

"There's so many people struggling with social media and online trolling". I haven't really told anyone what's in my documentary yet.

She said: "I think this is important because social media is such a huge part of everyone's lives".

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