Huawei unveils world's first flagship 5G SoC


GadgetsNews Huawei Announces Android 10 Update Roadmap for its devices By Alvin Wanjala

The P30 Pro arrives ahead of the launch of the flagship Mate 30 Pro on September 19, which could be the first Huawei phone to ship without Android and other drawcard Google apps.

The White House previously banned US companies (like Google) from doing business with Huawei, and the phone maker was provided a three-month extension from the US Commerce Department back in May to provide software updates to existing devices. The US trade ban is in full swing so it's been a tough few months for the top Chinese OEM.

After extensive evaluations, Huawei Mate X has passed 3C certificate and network access permit. It was, according to the executive, supposed to launch last August but held off not because of the reasons above but because of the slow 5G rollout. While the Android ecosystem isn't as fenced in as Apple's iOS, apps like Google Maps and Gmail are essential to most users.

It's not ideal, but it's a solid workaround for the company who has been hit with crippling bans from the Trump administration. The launch could be marred by the fact that the U.S. entity list restrictions mean Huawei won't be able to license Google services. It just never got even into the hands of influencers and testers but we can probably presume Huawei saw it would also experience the same issues. It's a claim Huawei strenuously denies.

"Maybe we will start to sell the Mate X next month", he added, revealing that "we are also considering an upgrade to the new chipset". (Huawei's current legal waiver to use Android and other USA technology only applies to existing devices.) Android fans wanting the best of Huawei's tech combined with Google's latest software might be forced to manually sideload the latter, with all the inherent compromises involved. Google as an Android maker and a bunch of other companies making chips are thus now forbidden from providing their products to Huawei. "As always, we will strive to bring our best innovations to our loyal Australian consumers".

Despite the loss of Google apps, it appears the Mate 30 will still be running on the latest version of Android, albeit an open-source iteration.

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