Ferrari 812 GTS revealed with 789 bhp and 211 miles per hour top speed

Ferrari F8 Spider

The new Ferrari F8 Spider has been revealed replacing the 488 Spider

On Monday, the Maranello-based company in Northern Italy revealed a sports vehicle equipped with its most popular mid-rear-mounted 720-horsepower V8 engine, called F8 Spider, and a more comfortable Gran Turismo - also known as 812 GTS - with a 12-cylinder powertrain. Without encroaching on the interior space, the hard top for the 812 GTS opens in 14 seconds at speeds of up to 29 miles per hour.

Ferrari was pretty late to the game with this one, waiting for Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bentley to release wind-in-your-hair versions of their cars before revealing this drop-top Superfast in early September.

Weighing 20kg less than its 488 counterpart but 70kg more than its Tributo sibling, at 1400kg, the F8 Spider is only 20kg heavier than the track-focused 488 Pista Spider that served as the swansong for the previous series. The engine is a development of the V8 that won the "International Engine of the Year Award" for four consecutive years (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) and that was also selected as the best engine of the last two decades. According to the company, the new Spider's most impressive feat is "the fact that it unleashes its power instantaneously with zero turbo lag, whilst retaining this V8's unique and very special soundtrack". It's 20 kg lighter than its predecessor. The Italian automaker furthermore claims the F8 Spider is "significantly more aerodynamically efficient" than its forebear.

Imagine dropping the top to hear the V12 scream all the way up to 8,900 rpm.


Ferrari F8 Spider
The exhaust layout has been"extensively modified, says Ferrari

In the F8 Spider, the air intakes have been moved from the flanks to the rear where they are located on either side of the blown spoiler and are directly connected to the intake plenums. This drastically reduces losses and ensures greater air flow to the engine, thereby increasing the power.

The difference this time around, though, is that the Ferrari F8 Spider will amplify the sounds of one of the most powerful V8s in the sports-car world. Of course, the rear windshield is gone in favor of a new cover and a pair of flying buttresses.

Now that we're talking engines, the 812 GTS is powered by the same normally aspirated 6496cc V12 that powers the 812 Superfast. The result is a 10 per cent improvement in the car's overall efficiency compared to the 488 Spider. This compensates for the downforce lost by the removal of the 812 Superfast's rear wheel arch by-pass duct - something Ferrari needed to do in order to fit the retractable hard top. For reference, the F8 Tributo costs $484,888 plus on-road costs, while the 488 Spider was priced at $526,888.

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