Couple Arrested After Spending Spree, $120K Bank Error

PA Couple Facing Charges After Spending Over $100K Accidentally Deposited in Bank Account: Police

Pa. couple facing charges after spending most of $120,000 that bank mistakenly puts in their account

A Pennsylvania couple was busted for spending more than $100,000 that their bank mistakenly deposited into their joint account, police and court records show.

The couple is now facing felony theft charges.

Investigators said Robert and Tiffany Williams had $120,000 deposited into their account at BB&T on May 31 through a mistake by a teller.

Robert and Tiffany Williams, ages 36 and 35, respectively, appeared Monday in Lycoming County court, where they waived their rights to a preliminary hearing, county district attorney spokesperson Abigail Inns told FOX Business.

Pennsylvania state trooper Aaron Brown wrote in the complaint that Tiffany Williams "told the bank her husband had spent a great portion of the funds and purchased a four-wheeler".

Police say the couple then purchased a four-wheeler, an SUV, a trailer, and even a race auto with the money that was mistakenly deposited in their account.

The couple was arraigned Tuesday.

The Williamses could not be reached immediately, and it was unclear whether they had retained legal counsel. She said she thought her parents had deposited the money. They also gave $15,000 to friends in need of money. The bank contacted the couple on June 20 and let them know they'd be responsible for returning the funds, according to reports. "She said she would speak to her husband and attempt to construct a repayment agreement" with the bank, Brown said.

In the following days the bank tried to contact the couple again, but were not able to. He added that the withdrawal resulted in a $107,416 overdraft because the couple's bank account had only $1,121 in it before the accidental windfall.

Eventually, the police were called and the Williams were taken into custody where they told cops they 'knew the money did not belong to them but they spent it anyway, ' the Williamsport-Sun-Gazette reports.

"While we can't comment on the specifics of this issue due to client privacy practices, we always work as quickly as possible to address any issue that affects our clients", Brian Davis, a spokesman for BB&T, told CNN in a statement.

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