Google publishes the first Android 10 Generic System Images


Google Pixel 3

Android now has a system-wide dark mode, for one, which should ease the strain on your eyes and on your Pixel's battery. Android 10 was initially nicknamed Android Q. So getting stable Android 10 should be easier than ever now that the source code has been released.

Sound Amplifier. Thanks to this feature, Android 10 devices can enhance sound and filter background noise when headphones are plugged in. Have you received the Android 10 update? The new highlights for Android 10 include smart replies, gesture navigation which I urge you to give a chance as it is really good after a small learning period, dark theme, focus mode, new share menu and new privacy and security features. Sure, if you bought a Pixel smartphone you're in luck, but history tells us that the vast majority of users will be in for a long wait (if they get it at all). Those devices will start seeing OTA updates today.

As was rumored, Android 10 is starting its rollout today, as the official page has gone live with a full list of all the features coming in the update. The company is introducing a new thing called Google Play System updates that will allow the company to deliver security patches directly to users from Google Play, without mobile carriers and phone makers being involved. Foldables are mentioned a few times and although we are still yet to see one released Google are obviously expecting a deluge of foldables to arrive in the next 12 months.

Google announced Android Q in March, changed it to Android 10 in August, and has allowed beta testers to trial the software before today's official launch for Pixel devices. The three versions released before Pie make up 64.4 percent of Android phones.

With the help of Project Treble, other OEMs are expected to reduce the lag in pushing updates for their smartphones.

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