Meghan Markle's tears for Diana, long before she met Prince Harry

Meghan Markle's tears for Diana, long before she met Prince Harry

Meghan Markle's tears for Diana, long before she met Prince Harry

"It gave me comfort that although her life was short, it was complete".

"And while I generally opt to whet my whistle with a glass of rosé or crisp Sauvignon Blanc, sometimes the day calls for a cocktail", Meghan wrote."Cue The TIG Cup".

Musical icon Elton John and Princess Diana first met in 1981, when he performed at a party of Prince Andrew's.

Cape Town - Thomas Markle, the estranged father of Meghan Markle, is reportedly desperate to meet his grandson. According to the source, Meghan has had enough of her dad going to the press to air his grievances towards his daughter and the only thing she can focus on is keeping Prince Harry and Archie safe from any media attacks her father may levy their way.

Needless to say, Meghan Markle probably had no idea that two years later she would end up meeting and falling in love with Prince Harry.

And in the intervening two years, they have continued to speak about their mother, with Harry describing how she and his wife Meghan would have been "thick as thieves".

"Isn't that what any grandfather would want?"

It's been just over a year that Meghan Markle joined hubby Prince Harry, his brother Prince William, and William's wife Kate Middleton at The Royal Foundation, and now the organisation's name has officially been changed, underlining Harry and Meghan's exit. Through this book, which is more pictorial than narrative-based, you will get to know why Diana was considered to be the best ambassador of the British crown and why many adored her for being classy, evasive and yet accessible at the same time.

Morton shared that a lot of Kate's friends were upset with her when she dated Prince William and "disappeared down the royal rabbit hole".

"Of course I'm disappointed not to see Archie".

He revealed to The Mail that he had wanted to apologise to the Queen and Royal Family but "Meghan and Harry told me not to".

Whether or not the royal family or Duchess Meghan chooses to respond the the latest interview by Thomas Markle remains to be seen.

"She was really informal and really enjoyed laughter and the fun", said Prince William in the documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. I paid every penny of her tuition and I have the bank statements to prove it.

The outlet reports that William even carried the family's luggage before the family of five got into their private cars.

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