Pope stuck in elevator for 25 minutes, freed by fire brigade

Pope Francis waves to the faithful in St Peter's Square

Pope Francis waves to the faithful in St Peter's Square

Francis issued the appeal in a message on September 1 to mark the start of several weeks of prayer by Christians to raise political awareness about pollution and exploitation of natural resources.

Pope Francis arrived 7 minutes late for his traditional noon appointment with the public in Saint Peter's Square in Vatican City on Sunday because he was stuck in an elevator for 25 minutes, according to the Associated Press. "After 25 minutes of work, I was able to get out".

The 82-year-old said: 'I have to apologise for being late'.

As soon as freed, the relieved pontiff requested the pilgrims gathered within the sq.to provide the fireplace brigade a spherical of applause.

Addressing the crowd, the Pope said there had been a "drop in voltage and the elevator stopped".

He said he was rescued by Holy See firefighters and asked the people in the square to applaud them.

Pope Francis also enjoyed his audiences to commend the firefighters who effortlessly rescued him from the situation.

Francis seems to have unlimited energy despite his age but he does have ongoing health concerns after he lost part of a lung in his youth.

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