EU chief negotiator rejects Johnson's backstop demands

Government facing into a torrid week over Brexit

Government facing into a torrid week over Brexit

Earlier today Labour Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said Remainer MPs opposed to no deal Brexit would attempt to pass a law this week to stop Prime Minister allowing Britain to leave the European Union on October 31 without a deal.

She was carrying a placard that read "I am just so angry".

Appearing on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Mr Gove was questioned about the security of fresh food supplies after the 31 October deadline.

A pedestrian passes Britain's Houses of Parliament on the bank of The River Thames in London, Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019.

Johnson, the face of the Vote Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum, has promised to lead the United Kingdom out of the European Union in two months with or without a divorce deal, a threat he hopes will convince the bloc to give him the exit deal he wants.

These are the actions of a man who is afraid his arguments will not stand scrutiny.

In Brussels, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has again rejected Johnson's demands for the Irish backstop to be scrapped.

In Exeter in western England, pharmacist Bridie Walton, 55, said she was attending the first demonstration of her life.

The interventions from both sides come ahead of another pivotal week in the Commons and an expected clash on the green benches when opponents of no deal look set to try to seize control of the parliamentary agenda to push through legislation delaying Brexit beyond October 31.

Johnson's gambit may pay off if he is able to make Brexit a reality on October 31 without doing grave damage to Britain's economy, but the widely held perception that he is shuttering Parliament to squelch debate (despite his claims to the contrary) has been roundly condemned in key parts of the former British Empire, including some where Queen Elizabeth II is still accorded the status of head of state.

He also said the impact of price rises will be felt much more in Northern Ireland than in the rest of the UK.

However he conceded: "There's a good chance we'll get a deal and there's a good chance that we won't".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who will deliver a keynote speech in Manchester on Monday, has said he will table a no-confidence vote in Johnson's government - which has a majority of just one - if required to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Queen Elizabeth II gave her approval to Johnson's decision to suspend parliament for several weeks on Wednesday, sparking widespread outrage, legal challenges and promises of resistance from parliamentarians.

Hundreds of people blocked London's normally busy Whitehall road on Saturday to protest Prime Minister Boris Johnson's suspension of the British parliament.

More than 1.67 million people have signed a petition asking that Parliament not be prorogued or dissolved "unless and until the Article 50 period has been sufficiently extended or the UK's intention to withdraw from the European Union has been cancelled". Johnson's bid to get the insurance policy for the Irish border changed were bluntly dismissed by Dublin which said London was being totally unreasonable.

MPs from across the political spectrum have vowed to introduce legislation blocking a no-deal exit as soon as they return to parliament from a six-week summer recess on Tuesday.

He added: "I believe that the people of Northern Ireland recognise and appreciate this offer more than Westminster does for now".

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