Amazon joins Walmart in saying Tesla solar panel caught fire

Tesla's European Gigafactory will be its second overseas facility after China

Tesla Solar Panels Have Caught Fire at an Amazon Warehouse and at Walmart Stores

Last week, Walmart hit Tesla with a lawsuit accusing the company of sub-par solar panel installations that triggered blazes at more than half a dozen of its stores in the U.S. News of the lawsuit triggered a drop in the share price of Tesla.

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The news comes just a few days after Walmart sued Tesla, which acquired SolarCity in 2016, over reports that the company's panel systems caught fire on the rooftops of at least seven of its locations since 2012. It was also alleged in a report from Business Insider that Tesla initiated a secret project in the summer of 2018 called Project Titan in which the company attempted to secretly replace faulty solar panel components across the United States. But Walmart said another fire still occurred at a California store, even though the panels had been disconnected for several months.

"The number of defects, however, is overwhelming and plainly indicative of systemic, widespread failures by Tesla to meet the standard of care, as set forth in the governing contracts, as to the solar systems installed at Walmart's stores", the lawsuit added.

The complaint reveals that Walmart had leased or licensed roof space at more than 240 stores to Tesla's energy unit.

Walmart and Tesla issued a joint statement late Thursday, saying they were in talks to resolve their issues. "Above all else, both companies want each and every system to operate reliably, efficiently, and safely". Yet, how much do you know about Tesla's SolarCity division and the solar panels they produce?

"Over the past year, less than 1% of sites with this connector have exhibited any abnormal behavior", a Tesla representative said about the program, which had not been previously reported.

Last summer, Tesla initiated "Project Titan", an attempt to quietly replace defective solar-panel parts across the USA, according to documents viewed by Business Insider.

Amazon doesn't have as many Tesla installations as Walmart does.

Tesla said in response to the Business Insider story that some connectors manufactured by Amphenol Corp.

"We are confident in the robust quality and performance of all of our products", Amphenol said in the statement.

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