TROPICS: Tropical Depression 5 Develops Far in the Atlantic

Storm development high for disturbance off Florida Coast, predicted to skirt the Carolina coast

East Coast low pressure system could become tropical depression this weekend

The NHC detected just enough thunderstorms near the center of the system on Friday to upgrade what had been called Invest 99L to Tropical Depression Five Saturday morning.

Two tropical disturbances in the Atlantic.

After that, the system is expected to move northeast away from the southeast United States coast.

However, it could eventually become a hurricane. It is then expected to head back toward the Atlantic Ocean near Central Florida on Saturday.

Dry air on the northwest side of the low is going to limit our coverage of showers and storms today.

There is a 90 percent chance a cyclone will form in the next five days, with a 70 percent chance it will form in the next 48 hours.

Hurricane season runs through November 30.

A tropical wave near the east coast of Florida also has a high chance for development by the end of the weekend or early in the upcoming week. It is now a disorganized area of showers and storms, sitting several hundred miles east-southeast of the Windward Islands.

Regardless of development, heavy rains are possible over the northwestern Bahamas and the southern and central Florida peninsula through the weekend. The chances of the storm developing are 10 percent over the next 48 hours and 20 percent over the next 5 days.

Upper-level winds are keeping this tropical depression from intensifying further at this time.

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