Google Go Now Available Worldwide: What You Need to Know

OMG! 8 Million Android Users Tricked Into Download 85 Adware Apps

OMG! 8 Million Android Users Tricked Into Download 85 Adware Apps

TrendMicro named the adware AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH, and as of this writing, there are no longer any apps containing this adware in the Play Store. Right now, anyone around the world can download the stripped-down version of the popular Android web browser from the Google Play Store.

"Users are forced to view the whole duration of the ad before being able to close it or go back to the app itself".

Go through the reviews and ratings of the app.

Quick Heal Security Lab has detected 27 malicious apps of dropper category on official "Google Play Store". Although this step can help reduce the risk of adware apps there are still so many apps roaming in the Play Store.

These apps were created to infect devices with adware after someone fell prey to their continuous installation prompts for fake "Google Play Store", Quick Heal Security Lab said. Many app developers work on the deadlines and schedules in a detailed manner and Google only announced the approval time after the user submits the app. Developers of these apps aren't allowed to use analytics within them.

The app also registers a broadcast receiver which checks if the user has unlocked a device and also displays unwanted advertisements.

Google Go is a cut-down version of the Google Search app which is included in the Android Go OS, the diminished version of stock Android. At 7MB, the app is a much smaller version of the traditional Google app.

In a report, The Information said the anti-competitive practices were related to how apps can access user location data. These apps have to be free to download. Yeah, I'm a unicorn for still buying music, but some msuic just isn't available for subscription streaming, and for that section to be hidden away on the biggest media store for Android is disconcerting.

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