First Teaser Trailer for 'Bombshell' Film with Theron, Kidman, Robbie

Charlize Theron Megyn Kelly

Things Are Looking Tense Over At Fox News In The First BOMBSHELL Trailer

Recently, the title "Bombshell" has been most affiliated with Hedy Lamarr, who has been relaunched into public awareness largely thanks to a documentary called Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story.

Due in theaters on December 20, the film casts Kidman as Gretchen Carlson, whose 2016 sexual harassment lawsuit started turning the wheels that eventually pushed Ailes (played in the film by John Lithgow, who doesn't appear in the trailer) out the door.

You'll do a double take after seeing Charlize Theron's portrayal of Megyn Kelly in the new Bombshell trailer. They, alone, should spark a flame of interest around this movie. John Lithgow plays Ailes. Robbie enters the lift, pressing the button for the second floor, and is soon joined by Theron and Kidman. I love Theron's tight lips as she watches the other two women she's with. "And she's really playing a monster this time". Or can we just make this trailer Best Picture? With that in mind, I'm wondering what your interest levels are like in a movie like Bombshell. Her lawsuit led to dozens of women, including Kelly, to come forward to accuse Ailes of harassment.

In the trailer for "Bombshell", which recounts the stories of female Fox News personnel and their interactions with Roger Ailes leading up to his downfall, Robbie walks through the news station's offices, attracting the attention of a reporter (Kate McKinnon) on her way to the elevator.

The first trailer for the star-studded drama Bombshell has been released.

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