Yemeni Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Field Biggest ever against kingdom: Houthi

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Drone attack by Yemen rebels sparks fire in Saudi oil field

Saudi-led coalition warplanes fired flares over Yemen's Aden at dawn on Saturday, residents said, near camps occupied by southern separatist fighters who last week seized control of the port city which had been the interim seat of the government, reports Trend referring to Reuters.

On August 7, clashes broke out in Aden between forces loyal to Yemen's internationally recognized government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC), a United Arab Emirates (UAE)-backed south Yemeni separatist organization.

The separatists are a main component in the anti-Houthi alliance, but the war has rekindled old strains between north and south Yemen - which were separate countries until 1990.

A correspondent of the AFP reported that he saw separatist fighters gathered around a tank that they claimed to have seized from one of the military positions.

They said the forces would not quit the government military camps that give them effective control of the city. An armed secession bid four years later ended in occupation by northern forces, giving rise to resentments that persist to this day.

In a brief statement posted on Twitter, Yemen's Information Minister Muammar Iryani confirmed that forces of the presidential troops had received a number of government offices and institutions after the STC's withdrawal.

The coalition also called on all forces "to unite in order to foil Iran's destructive plan in Yemen" and prevent attacks by extremist factions such as Al Qaeda and the Daesh group. However, people also call for cooperation, they want STC and Hadi's government to attend talks in Saudi Arabia.

Regarding the country's presidential palace, Haitham said that the palace was "not a target for us from the beginning ... but we were able to secure it from the terrorist elements, and was handed over earlier this week to the leadership of the Saudi-led Arab coalition".

A drone attack launched by Yemen's Houthi group on an oil field in eastern Saudi Arabia caused a "minor" fire at a gas plant but had no impact on oil production, a Saudi industry source said.

The Houthi rebels have carried out a spate of cross-border missile and drone attacks targeting Saudi air bases and other facilities in recent months.

Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al Falih condemned what he described as "sabotage" and said "booby-trapped drones" were used in the attack.

The violence is complicating United Nations -led peace efforts to ease tensions between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia to pave the way for political talks to end the war, which has killed tens of thousands of people and pushed millions to the brink of starvation.

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