Hong Kong police clash with protesters at airport

Tyrone Siu  Reuters

Tyrone Siu Reuters

Some of the protesters apologized Wednesday for the disruption at the airport.

News reports at least three men were mobbed inside the airport by protesters.

Five people were detained in the latest disturbances, police said, bringing the number of those arrested since the protests began in June to more than 600.

Hong Kong International Airport resumed normal operations early Wednesday morning. It said protesters could only demonstrate in designated areas.

This footage shows demonstrators perform Do You Hear the People Sing? as they moved through the airport, as well as passengers finding a route away from protester's blockades.

A few protesters on the ground reportedly attempted to advocate for the paramedics, while the majority of the crowd refused to let them pass. Onlookers described the scene as much more chaotic than in days past. "We will continue to fight for what we deserve otherwise all of that would have been in vain", he said, declining to give his full name.

US intelligence has confirmed that China is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong, US President Donald Trump said Tuesday, appealing for calm amid intensifying pro-democracy protests in the semi-autonomous financial hub.

In Hong Kong's blue-collar Sham Shui Po neighborhood, police fired tear gas Wednesday night at a group of protesters rallying outside a police station.

The Chinese government has repeatedly signalled the protesters are reaching the limits of the "one country, two systems" legal framework that gives Hong Kong its autonomy. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Chinese claim that the US was involved in the protests was ridiculous.

They are also demanding Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam step down and scrap proposed legislation under which some suspects could be sent to mainland China, where critics say they could face torture and unfair or politically charged trials. These young Hongkongers have never really known a non-democratic Hong Kong, and are intensely opposed to the prospect of being governed by the mainland.

"Rule of law is the cornerstone of prosperity and for people to live and work in peace".

The foreign ministry has also urged the USA to stop "prying into Hong Kong affairs".

Swire Pacific fully supports Cathay Pacific's strict implementation of all CAAC's directives to ensure safety and its zero tolerance approach to illegal activities.

On Tuesday evening, HKIA posted on their website, "Terminal operations at Hong Kong International Airport have been seriously disrupted, and all check-in processes have now been suspended". The carrier later suspended two pilots.

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