California leads latest lawsuit against Trump’s ‘public charge’ immigration rule

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There are more than 250,000 immigrants who work in Oregon, while about 132,000 children with at least one immigrant parent receive care through Oregon Health Plan.

Local experts say the latest changes to federal immigration laws would have damaging ripple effects on Michigan's immigrant families.

The new rule is set to go into effect October 15.

The former Virginia attorney general also told reporters that the new rule will not retroactively count against immigrants who received benefits before it was implemented.

California is once again suing the Trump Administration, this time over a new rule that could make it harder for some legal immigrants to get green cards.

If history is our guide, then we should be wary of the Trump administration's efforts to revitalize the use of the LPC provision to deport immigrants that are already legally residing in and contributing to the U.S. This fallacy provides broad latitude for the government to reject anyone who is deemed at risk of becoming a "public charge" based on arbitrary assessments of levels of income, employment, education and English proficiency.

"I think this is just part of this administration's agenda of really wanting to limit immigration in this country", said legal services director Nancy Miller, "not recognizing this is a country founded by and built on immigrant success". Under the longstanding law, that information can, in turn, be used to deny green cards to immigrants.

Trump has denied using that language and said he wanted immigrants to come the United States from all nations.

In the court filing, Becerra says the new rule violates the Constitution's equal protection guarantee, disproportionately blocking admission of non-white immigrants from Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The official added the words "who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge".

"The rule uproots the understanding of public charge as primary dependence on the government, creating new bars that have not been authorized by Congress, such as making low income a "heavily weighted" negative factor in admissibility", California's lawsuit states. "Because immigration rules are complicated and sometimes opaque, many families that [are exempt] may nevertheless choose to forgo benefits for which they qualify, out of fear that their status could otherwise be in jeopardy", said Trisi.

Under Donald Trump's presidency, the U.S. has fought to curtail the basis on which migrants can claim asylum, publicized large-scale raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in an effort to deter would-be undocumented immigrants and backed a Republican Senate effort to create a skills-based immigration system.

"This Trump rule weaponizes nutrition, health care, and housing", Becerra said, by potentially blocking legal immigrants from becoming citizens "if your child participates in something as basic as your neighborhood school lunch or nutrition program".

New York AG Letitia James (D) on Monday said her office also plans to file a lawsuit seeking to halt the rule (Alvarado, North Jersey Record, 8/14; Klar, The Hill, 8/14; Mills Rodrigo, The Hill, 8/13; Colliver, "Pulse", Politico, 8/14; Rappleye, Becker's Hospital Review, 8/15).

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