Trump Sees Fed Rather than Trade war as Source of Market Turmoil

The #TrumpRecession Label Is Going to Stick

THE ECONOMY SUCKS UNDER TRUMP! Wall Street Warns Recession Under His Administration

President Donald Trump blasted the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, saying the central bank was too quick to raise interest rates and too slow to lower rates.

In one tweet, Trump blamed Powell and the Fed for being a drag on the US economy. "China is not our problem.Our problem is with the Fed", he wrote on Twitter.

".Spread is way too much as other countries say THANK YOU to clueless Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve".

USA allies such Germany and New Zealand have recently made significantly more aggressive rate cuts.

In the U.S., the Federal Reserve recently made its first interest rate reduction in more than a decade, and is likely to come under more pressure from Trump to drive growth in the United States economy by pursuing further cuts in the near future.

The inversion rattled investors already anxious that a U.S. We should easily be reaping big Rewards & Gains, but the Fed is holding us back.

With economies slowing overseas "you have this flight to safety going on", that is pushing down US rates even though USA economic growth is "reasonable", Bullard said in comments on Fox Business Network that seemed to discount the degree to which recent market volatility may figure into the Fed's next decision on interest rates.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell "should be cutting rates".

Analysts concur the Wall Street rout was caused by Trump's intractable trade war with China and the resulting volatility and uncertainty wracking markets worldwide. He also said he doesn't think the Fed needs to call an extraordinary meeting to potentially lower interest rates sooner than planned.

By easing financial conditions, a central bank can stimulate an economy by making business and consumer loans cheaper, while the depreciation of the local currency that results from lower interest rates can boost exports.

The stimulus faded faster than expected, leaving even some Fed officials to feel that borrowing costs had been lifted too high. That was followed in July by the Fed's first rate cut since 2008.

Just ask this trader - it's bad.

Note: the inverted yield curve does not mean a recession is looming, it is an indicator that 1 might be looming, maybe.

"The economy is phenomenal", Trump said Thursday. There has also been a reduction over time in the typical size of the term premium, meaning the economic outlook doesn't have to move as far from neutral as it used to for the yield curve to invert.

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