Trump floated USA buying Greenland, but country says it's not for sale


Trump Reportedly Interested in Buying Greenland- Yes the Whole ThingCC BY 2.0 Global Jet Greenland

The trip was reportedly to dicuss economic development and promoting long-term peace they are "concerned about activities of other nations, including China, that do not share these same commitments", the Wall Street Journal reported.

Mr Trump is scheduled to visit Denmark in September but there is no indication that the possible acquisition of Greenland is on the agenda.

"We are talking about real people and you can't just sell Greenland like an old colonial power".

Greenland's government on Friday dismissed the idea of being purchased by the United States.

"I say "no thanks" to the Americans buying Greenland from Denmark".

"But what we can take seriously is that the USA stakes and interest in the Arctic is significantly on the rise and they want a much bigger influence", he added.

- President Donald Trump is reportedly interested in purchasing Greenland, according to sources who spoke to the Wall Street Journal.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was supposed to visit the USA military base there in May, but had to cancel to trip at the last-minute because of increasing tensions with Iran.

President Trump has reportedly talked to his aides and allies about whether the U.S. could buy Greenland - but the country's foreign minister said Friday that the world's biggest island is not on the market. But in 2018, Greenland picked Denmark over Beijing to finance its airport projects. It handles its own domestic affairs while Copenhagen looks after defence and foreign policy.

But Greenland doesn't quite live up to its lush name - 85 percent of the island is covered by a 1.9-mile-thick (three-kilometer) ice sheet that contains 10 percent of the world's fresh water.

More than a decade later Mr Enoksen is still dreaming.

Trump has claimed in public remarks as late as November 2018 that the state's 2016 general election vote would have swung in his favor had liberal voters from MA not been bused in to cast illegal ballots. Greenland is an autonomous country that forms part of Denmark.

"I'm pro independence for Greenland, but I'm not pro making it a short process, because I think the economy of Greenland is very dependent on the block grant and I don't want to have welfare decline dramatically", she said.

"Greenlanders imagine themselves as independent people", said Rasmussen, cautioning that citizens' interest in obtaining a status "like Puerto Rico" was unlikely.

So far, the committee's subpoenas have not yielded much of value beyond dozens of objections to questions about anything that happened in the Trump administration and a pair of lawsuits to try to obtain former special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury information and testimony from former White House counsel Don McGahn. I will say this - if he ran, he would be a great senator.

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