New Chrome OS introduces virtual desktops

Chrome OS 76 introduces new features for work and even for play

Chrome OS Update Includes New Media Control Menu and Updated...

The most talked-about feature from the new version is its relationship with Adobe Flash Player, as it has been disabled as default.

Android and Chrome apps have been considered separate due to the difference in the code. You can manage this from the Google Accounts section in the Settings tab.

Some media players, such as Soundcloud offer this feature.

Following a bit of a hiccup when it came to the previous Chrome OS 75 release, Chrome OS 76 has been pushed to the Stable Channel and is rolling out to some devices.

The source of the music will be displayed in the corner and the artist/track name will also be available.

The changes include repositioning of the various buttons like the shutter, the mode switcher, and the gallery. These apps can also be controlled from one place.

This will be replaced by a rectangle overlay that's less congested.

The private mode is excellent if you don't want to be tracked. In other words, you will not be able to be approached to subscribe to a newsletter. This is because you have been made an online ghost due to your signature being masked. Yes, Google has revealed that they are bringing the Portrait Mode feature to Chrome OS. The advertisement focusing on Google's long battle to make users adopt ChromeOS and the company is using science to prove why ChromeOS is better than Windows. Websites are now being allowed to display dark more in version 76. Now, it's available on all supported platforms including Windows, Android, Linus, and macOS. According to the Chromium Gerrit's post, you need to enable the receiver device to handle the shared clipboard feature with the help of notification to receive the clipboard to share.

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