Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Revealed Multiple Broken Bones in His Neck

An employee checks a visitor outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center Tuesday Aug. 13 2019 in New York

An employee checks a visitor outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center Tuesday Aug. 13 2019 in New York

An autopsy of the financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died in an apparent suicide while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, found his neck had been broken in several places, according to two law enforcement sources.

One particular broken bone that has received attention was Epstein's hyoid bone, which is located near the Adam's apple in the human body.

Forensic experts told the post this kind of break can happen when a person hangs themselves or dies by strangulation.

Best known in MMA circles for a vicious 1998 knockout loss to Frank Shamrock at UFC 16, Zinoviev, 53, told New York Magazine's Intelligencer "somebody helped him to do that" when reacting to Epstein's suicide by hanging.

Epstein, 66, who once counted Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic former President Bill Clinton as friends, was found unresponsive in his cell on Saturday morning, according to the prison bureau.

The Post reported his legal team was planning to file a motion related to his 2008 conviction in Florida where after pleading guilty to two prostitution charges, he was sentenced to 18 months in a low-security prison in exchange for prosecutors ending their investigation into his sex acts with minors.

Arden, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, has questioned the broken hyoid bone and circumstances around Epstein's death.

"Ghislaine Maxwell is not at my home and I don't know where she is", Borgerson said.

Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged procurer and madam for the now-deceased Jeffrey Epstein, has been photographed at a Los Angeles fast food spot, reading a book about the lives (and deaths) of Central Intelligence Agency operatives. "Everything must be consistent; no single finding can be evaluated in a vacuum", said Sampson.

Epstein's death is under investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice Inspector General. Court documents allege Maxwell, who is the daughter of the late, disgraced publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, also participated in threesomes with Epstein and underage girls, according to multiple women who have come forward in the case.

However, prosecutors in NY and lawyers for the accusers are said to be keen to speak to her for questioning, as the conspiracy case into Epstein's network continues. In a larger study of suicidal hangings of young adults and middle-aged people in India, conducted from 2010 to 2013, hyoid damage was found in just 16 of 264 cases, or 6 percent.

The incident fanned racial tension and fueled conspiracy theories about the suspect's death in Prince George's County, Md. A federal judge said in 2013 that it remained a mystery whether the inmate was slain or took his own life.

"It's unusual to have a neck fracture", Hua said.

When a keen-eyed diner snapped a shot of Maxwell-the first one taken in public since 2016-she remarked, "Well, I guess this is the last time I'll be eating here!".

Two weeks later, Sampson's office concluded the officer's actions were the primary cause of his death.

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