Trudeau 'extremely concerned' with handling of protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong police demonstrate water cannon in warning to protesters

Police demonstrate a water cannon equipped vehicle at the compound of the Police Tactical Unit in Hong KongMore

On Monday, Hong Kong airport authorities had cancelled all flights in Hong Kong airport as anti-government protests escalated for the fourth day.

The Hong Kong airport on Tuesday suspended check-ins for all flights, said an airport spokeswoman after protests began at one of the world's busiest airports.

As evening fell, protesters at the airport surrounded a man who they suspected to be a Chinese policeman. The latest actions have targeted the police, whom protesters accuse of using excessive force over the weekend to quash demonstrators. CRITICAL JUNCTUREChina said on Monday protests in the Asian financial hub had reached a critical juncture.

Nevertheless, the report wrote that the flights were still labelled cancelled on the airport's website; and according to CNN's own calculations, more than 200 (outgoing and incoming) flights are cancelled from 7 am until today midnight.

In a press conference on August 12, Yang Guang, spokesperson for China's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office-Beijing's highest agency for managing Hong Kong affairs-accused protesters of committing acts signalling "a budding terrorism" that threatened the lives of Hongkongers. Hong Kong Police have also admitted infiltrating the protesters by dressing up as demonstrators.

But she echoed ominous statements last week from Beijing, warning that violence would lead Hong Kong "down a path of no return".

"My responsibility goes beyond this particular range of protest", she said, adding that violence had pushed the territory into a state of "panic and chaos". "We certainly call on China to be very careful and very respectful in how it deals with people who have legitimate concerns in Hong Kong".

Ms Lam added: "After the violence has been stopped, and the chaotic situation that we are seeing could subside".

"It may affect me, but I still know what they are doing and I support them so it doesn't matter, said 27-year-old advertising worker Mag Mak, whose flight back home to Hong Kong from Dubai was delayed by five hours".

Lam's comments followed a second week of strong admonishments from Beijing.

In Beijing, the Cabinet's Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office issued a statement saying the situation in Hong Kong was "beginning to show the sprouts of terrorism" and constituted an "existential threat" to the population of Hong Kong.

The stern words came as videos were promoted by state media of Chinese military and armoured vehicles appearing to gather in the southern city of Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong. Hong Kong's autonomy from China runs out in 2045 putting the city's future in jeopardy, should the city fall in to the communist regime.

Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997, but has since benefited from the "one country, two systems" approach that has spared the special administrative region from having to conform with many aspects of the mainland's authoritarian system.

"Democracy is a good thing", said one sign in Simplified Chinese characters, which are used in mainland China instead of the Traditional Chinese script of Hong Kong.

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