United Kingdom opposition warns Johnson against Brexit 'abuse of power'

The UK is set to leave the EU on 31 October

The UK is set to leave the EU on 31 October

The move is a departure from that of his predecessor Theresa May, who upon postponing Brexit from the March 29th scheduled date after failing three times to pass her EU-approved Brexit treaty instructed her team to wind down no-deal planning in April 2019.

Corbyn said that would be "an unprecedented, unconstitutional and anti-democratic abuse of power".

Corbyn's letter comes amid speculation that Members of Parliament could stage a vote of no-confidence in Johnson before October 31 as a means of trying to stop a no-deal Brexit, which would trigger a general election if successful.

It comes amid threats from rebel Tory MPs to oust Mr Johnson in a vote of no confidence and set up a government of national unity with Labour and the Lib Dems.

The Prime Minister has suggested he would refuse to step down from the position in the event he loses any vote of no confidence.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has pleaded with Britain's most senior civil servant to prevent PM Boris Johnson ramming through a no-deal Brexit during a snap general election campaign that may take place this autumn.

In a letter to Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill, the Labour leader said it would represent an "unprecedented, unconstitutional and anti-democratic abuse of power".

According to Downing Street, Mr Johnson could simply call for a general election after 31st October, leaving the United Kingdom to Brexit automatically because under Article 50 it is the UK's exit date by default - unless a deal is passed by MPs or a government asks for delay or revocation.

The Times reported on Saturday that Michael Gove, charged with overseeing no-deal preparations, confirmed that ministers are working on a bailout fund to support businesses temporarily affected by a clean Brexit.

Still bullish: Boris Johnson faces a no-confidence vote in parliament. With the United Kingdom refusing to engage with the EU unless the backstop is dropped from the Withdrawal Agreement, Mr Varadkar has been in contact with a number of European capitals.

Mr Johnson has sidestepped questions as to what he would do in the event of a no-confidence vote.

Britain will leave the Common Fisheries Policy - which allows European Union fishermen access to British waters - and become an independent coastal state if, as increasingly feared, it crashes out of the bloc without a deal on October 31.

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