Huawei Launches The HarmonyOS At HDC

Huawei announces Harmony OS as its potential Android replacement

Huawei Launches The HarmonyOS At HDC

Although this banner has been lifted, Huawei still put considerable time before and during the ban to create their own OS, it's now been officially revealed as 'HarmonyOS' at their annual developer conference.

CEO of Huawei's Consumer Division Richard Yu says that if the company can not use Google's Android operating system in the future, it will be able to immediately switch to HarmonyOS.

"HarmonyOS 1.0 will be first adopted in its smart screen products, which are due to launch later this year".

At the keynote, Yu claimed that HarmonyOS can, in theory, replace Android but did clearly state that for now, Huawei will stick to Google's software on its smartphones. We're assuming smart TVs or smart displays or speakers.

However, there are restrictions on what phone-makers can do with Android if they want access to the Google Play app store, and to Google's suite of popular apps such as Maps and YouTube. Huawei says it is releasing HarmonyOS as open-source platform in order to encourage adoption and development.

The Chinese manufacturer announced the operating system this morning (August 9) at its Huawei Developer Conference in Songshan Lake, China. Fuchsia is also supposed to work on a large variety of devices, not just smartphones.

The cat is out of the hat...err, we mean bag.

In May, the USA placed Huawei on a blacklist, known as the Entity List, which restricts some US companies from selling products to the Chinese company.

Huawei filed trademarks for Hongmeng in June, though it muddied the waters when an exec later said the OS wasn't designed for smartphones. Huawei phones aren't sold here but many American firms do business with the Chinese company. Launching a new operating system could influence other Chinese smartphone manufacturers to switch over from Android as well - especially since Harmony OS is based on open source principles.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's consumer division, said it's still "unclear" whether HarmonyOS will work with existing Android products. But until then, Huawei will continue to support Android. With the Trump administration reportedly putting Huawei licenses on hold, that scenario is looking more likely by the day.

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