Nintendo reportedly has even more new Switch models in the works

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo reportedly has even more new Switch models in the works Jacob Siegal @JacobSiegal August 7th 2019 at 12:38 PM Share Tweet

The game console maker is about to release a handheld-only version of its Switch game console as well as a new version of the fully-fledged Switch. Currently, the Nintendo Switch uses a silicon-based display that serves well enough but some users have encountered issues like scratches when not using a screen protector. Such power reductions could help improve the Switch's portable battery life, a selling point Nintendo has been stressing for both of its upcoming models. IGZO (or indium gallium zinc oxide) panels are said to provide high resolutions, ultra-low power consumption, and improved touch panel performance. It's not clear which models will benefit from this.

Sharp's Mr. Nomura didn't specify which model would feature the IGZO displays.

Following months of rumors and speculation, Nintendo finally confirmed the existence of the Switch Lite last month, announcing that the new model of the console would launch on September 20th for $199. Japan Display now supplies the display panels for the Nintendo Switch. Sharp Executive Katsuaki Nomura reportedly told the Journal that it's suppling a video game client "what we are most good at, IGZO".

Nintendo looks to be switching up its supply chains, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. Even if these displays aren't used in the Switch Lite or in the new standard Switch, there's always a chance we could see them implemented in future hardware revisions - WSJ has spoken to sources "familiar with Nintendo's product planning" who say that that company has "ideas for further updates to the Switch lineup".

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