Ninja signs exclusive deal with Mixer

Twitch's top streamers Q2. Image StreamElements

Twitch's top streamers Q2. Image StreamElements

"Fortnite" streaming superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins on Thursday left Amazon-owned Twitch, telling fans they will only be able to find him on rival gameplay streaming platform Mixer.

The financial terms of the deal have not been made public.

The 28-year-old YouTuber and professional gamer - boasting over 14 million followers and more than 50,000 viewers per week - was the most followed streamer on Twitch. Although it's too early to tell what kind of impact he could potentially have on Mixer, the platform received an immediate boost just in time for the launch of Fortnite Season X. As per the data from Streamlabs, about 119.1 million hours of streams was viewed on Mixer between April and June, compared to more than 2.7 billion hours on Twitch.

Regardless, this is a huge deal for Microsoft and could swing the pendulum of game streaming a little more towards Mixer.

So why did Ninja move from Twitch to Mixer? That hasn't essentially translated to his streaming numbers; in accordance to Twitch Tracker, the variety of his paying subscribers on the platform declined from greater than 285,000 final March to about 15,000 in July, though he nonetheless has thousands and thousands of followers.

The streaming platform is hoping by joining forces with Ninja, who is considered to be the "most important gamer" on the planet his massive fanbase will follow. The pair's 30 eliminations across the two games put on a show for the crowd at Lollapalooza and the over 100,000 combined viewer on Bugha's and Ninja's channels. "Mixer is a place that was formed around being positive and welcoming from day one, and we look forward to the energy Ninja and his community will bring". Jap time on Friday; his day by day streaming schedule will run from eight:30 a.m to 5 p.m. Unlike Twitch, fans won't be able to clip highlight moments of the stream.

Ninja is undoubtedly one of the biggest gaming celebrities. He probably won't be breaking any more viewership records or be on the cover of every magazine that mentions video games, but he can be himself.

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