Pro Golfer Thorbjorn Olesen Accused Of Sexual Assault While On A Plane

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Thorbjorn Olesen, the Danish golfer who made a successful debut in last year's Ryder Cup, is being investigated by police after being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on a transatlantic flight this week.

After the row Poulter is believed to have fallen asleep, while Olesen allegedly molested a woman in first class while she slept before urinating in the aisle.

Olesen, 29, is said to have drunkenly molested a sleeping female passenger and urinated in the aisle, before antagonising British Airways cabin staff who attempted to calm him down.

Fellow European golfer Ian Poulter also was aboard the flight.

Poulter's agent, Paul Dunkley, told The Sun that Poulter helped calm a "slightly intoxicated" passenger and then went to sleep "and the first he knew of anything else was when the police were waiting at Heathrow".

Olesen finished 27th at the St. Jude Invitational on Sunday, and is now ranked 62nd in the world.

The European tour spokesman refused to comment on the matter after the arrest of Olesen, a member of European Ryder Cup 2019 team.

Local police confirmed a 29-year-old man was arrested at the airport on suspicion of sexual assault and drunken behavior, according to the Independent.

Olesen allegedly became verbally abusive towards other passengers and the flight crew.

'It was shocking behaviour. "You would expect it maybe on a budget airline but not in the first-class cabin on (British Airways)".

Olesen was eventually released from custody and the incident is now under investigation.

Olesen had a disappointing result in Memphis, only managing 27th place.

In a statement to PEOPLE, British Airways said, "Our customers and crews deserve to enjoy their flights, and not to suffer any form of abuse".

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