Black Moon to be seen in US on July 31

A black moon is really just a new moon the only real significance is that it's the second one

A black moon is really just a new moon the only real significance is that it's the second one

Tonight's black moon also has the distinction of being a supermoon, which means the moon would appear slightly larger than normal because it will be closet to Earth in its orbit around our planet.

While blue moons, the second full moon in a calendar month, are a fairly well-known phenomenon thanks to that catchy song, black moons are the black sheep of the lunar family. The term has also been used where no new moon occurs in a month, which only happens every 5 to 10 years in the month of February.

Besides being a unique 3-year event, the moon will also be a supermoon which occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth.

For those looking up at the sky tonight in North America, you may notice something missing-the moon! To actually see this black supermoon, however, would require special equipment and significant skywatching experience, but it does offer remarkably dark skies to see other things. The newborn Moon was covered in a magma ocean, which formed different types of rocks as it cooled.

Fox News revealed that today, July 31 marks the rare occurrence for Earth's natural satellite - which is a phenomenon known as the Black Moon. Don't worry, you won't likely see much difference in the moon tonight as it will still be 223,320 miles from earth. Around the new moon, the moon is displaced in the sun's brightness for a day or two. A new moon is the phase of the moon where it's invisible, with the lit portion of the moon facing away from us.

What does a Black Moon look like? Anticipate seeing the moon subsequent within the western night sky after sunset. Nate asked. "We have another new moon this month (two full moons in a month are a blue moon, two new moons are a black moon)".

What Is A Black Supermoon?
If you have any concerns about what you see in comments, email the editor in the link above. It can be called Black Super New Moon. Our regular, old Moon really is wonderful, though, and I encourage you to look at it.

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