'The Irishman' trailer shows the intense world of organized crime

Credit Netflix

Credit Netflix

Pacino plays Hoffa in the film, while De Niro plays Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran, a crime enforcer who had multiple ties to the doomed union leader.

The Irishman also makes extensive use of newfangled digital de-aging technology.

The Irishman is obviously trying to be a contender for Awards Season, so it will release in select theaters and on Netflix this fall.

According to Variety, It's the ninth time that De Niro has worked with Scorsese and the first time that Pacino has been directed by the filmmaker.

Despite Steven Spielberg's protestations about the streaming site being included in the Academy Awards, multi-award-winning director Martin Scorsese has made a decision to launch his latest mobster movie, The Irishman, with Netflix.

A current Netflix subscription starts at $13 per month for HD streaming and $16 per month for Ultra HD streaming.

"It's an incredible honor that "The Irishman" has been selected as the opening night of the New York Film Festival".

A mob hitman who is declared to indulge in death of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa who is played by Pacino.

Scorsese will also quickly be jumping to a De Niro reunion with his Leonardo DiCaprio-led adaptation of Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

'Would you like to be a part of this history?' De Niro is asked and he said yes he would do what needs to be done. And also the name of Charles Brandt's true-crime novel that has been converted into a movie "The Irishman" Movie's trailer has been released and explosive violence, rich period details and kinetic camerawork is making it hard to wait for the movie.

It features Sheeran receiving his first phone call from Hoffa and telling him he "paints houses", a euphemism for killing people, cut with dramatic scenes from the two men's lives. But it seems in the wake of the Cats trailer Scorsese decided it looked good enough to put out into the world. The trailer shows relatively little of this, but the amount of VFX work meant that the movie has involved almost two years of post-production.

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