Tesla Will Entertain Drivers With Netflix & YouTube Service

Image credit Tesla

Image credit Tesla

Catching up on the latest "must-see" mini-series will be a good way to pass the time while you're waiting at the Supercharger.

The in-car displays built into Tesla vehicles have multiple purposes including providing navigation, entertainment, a "dog mode", and games.

For now, the streaming will operate when the Tesla is stationary, but Musk hinted that you'll be able to use Netflix and YouTube on the move when regulators approve Tesla's full self-driving feature.

Musk had previously said that YouTube was coming to Tesla's cars, though the in-built system has not to date supported HTML5. Cars with this feature can automatically navigate through a parking lot, find an available parking space and then come back to you when summoned.

On July 26, the company announced that chess game is also coming to the Tesla Arcade. These games, however, only operates when the vehicle is parked, and players can utilize the steering wheel as the game controller.

The same principle used in the will definitely apply to the streaming sites.

Tesla's drive to provide passengers and drivers with video streaming sites and services is not actually a surprise.

For now, Netflix and YouTube content will only be viewable when the vehicle is parked. During the E3 event, Elon Musk shared that the ability to view YouTube videos will soon arrive on Tesla cars.

Forget any notions of flying along the freeway while Black Mirror plays, because you won't be able to watch streaming services while the auto is moving.

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