Apple reports solid June quarter on services, wearables growth

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Kuo: All Three 2020 iPhones Will Feature 5G Connectivity

Shares in the Silicon Valley giant rose 4pc on Tuesday after it admitted that the iPhone now makes up less than half of its revenue. "We grew in every category outside of iPhone".

Shares in Apple jumped more than 4.5% in morning trading, adding more than $40 billion to the iPhone maker's market capitalization and lifting it past the $1 trillion mark. "And we did that on iPhone". While Apple is still keen on utilizing Qualcomm's 5G modems for its upcoming smartphones, there is a high possibility that Apple will end up developing its own 5G modems by 2021.

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"Amid the slowdown in China and likely launch of 5G capable iPhone in 2020, Apple will have to concentrate its efforts on emerging markets, ' Counterpoint noted". The company has set a goal of 500 million by 2020.

Apple launches slated for later this year include an Apple TV+ streaming television service to compete against the likes of Netflix and Amazon along with a new credit card that ties in with its Apple Pay digital payments. But newer models may make people more receptive to buying additional Apple products, signing up for the AppleCare warranty program and responding to nudges to buy new apps or Apple's growing array of internet subscriptions and services. But the iPhone would be included in the final $300 billion round as it is now written. "We feel very good about the trajectory". In the latest quarter, sales in the region dipped 4.1 per cent, though mainland China itself saw a rise in sales riding on a government stimulus and a price cut, among other factors. We introduced trade-in and financing, that's a big help. (2) We expect that the prices of 5G Android smartphones will decline to $249-349 United States dollars in 2H20.

The Justice Department formally announced the review last week but did not name any companies that would be scrutinized.

Apple's services margins were over 64%, at an all-time record.

Will Apple equip all 2019 iPhones with 5G connectivity now that it has acquired Intel's smartphone modem business? Revenue guidance came in slightly ahead of consensus analyst estimates of $60.98 billion.

This quarter's earnings report was being closely watched because it was seen as a harbinger of the Apple's staying power in China during trade tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Apple's services division also happens to be its most profitable by far, meaning that over time it will increasingly become more important to the future of the company.

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