OPPO’s next phone will come with a waterfall screen

Oppo showcases Waterfall screen with extremely curved edges

Oppo showcases Waterfall screen with extremely curved edges - GSMArena.com news

Another week, another innovation for Oppo.

OPPO seems to be working on its next flagship smartphone that seems heavily inspired from Samsung's dual-curved screen Galaxy handsets. To illustrate the visual appeal of the new display, OPPO compared it to its Reno 10x Zoom handset, which also has pronounced edges.

When looking at the phone on a slight angle with a non-white background the side bezels nearly disappear.

For instance, Engadget is reporting this morning that the company has invented a phone with what it calls a "Waterfall" screen.

The prototype camera phone with waterfall screen was shown off by Oppo VP Brian Shen on his personal Weibo account.

The mysterious OPPO bezel-less smartphone has a large side curvature and a slimmer body. Curved displays have always been more fragile than flat one due to their curves that stretch to the edges, now we wonder how fragile this one will be. As many people on Twitter have pointed out, making the side bezels curve and virtually disappear into the phone's frame has been done before, but what about the top bezels?

And considering Oppo is part of BBK, which owns OnePlus as well, we may see the Waterfall Screen on the OnePlus 8, or even as soon the OnePlus 7T.

On the top, bottom and sides of the machine, there are still slight bezels, but the screen appears to move the technology further than before. The phone is only a prototype but we have no doubts it can turn into reality. This time, the brand has unveiled its Waterfall Screen design that achieves an 88-degree curve over the phone's edges.

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