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WhatsApp will support more than one device per account

WhatsApp could let you use the same account on multiple devices

WABetainfo states that WhatsApp is on its way to become a full-fledged multi-platform service that works on multiple devices like Apple's own Messages. Using the new multi platform system, it means you will be able to use: -Your main WhatsApp account on iPad (when the app will be available) without uninstalling it from your iPhone. the same WhatsApp account on iOS and Android devices.

PC users who want WhatsApp now have to connect the app or web version with a phone. The web version works by syncing with the mobile phone on an active internet connection.

However, no timeline has been revealed for these changes. Wabetainfo also reports that WhatsApp is also improving their end-to-end encryption possibly because the messages will be sent across multiple devices.

WhatsApp is also working to add multiplatform support as it plays catch-up with other messaging apps in terms of features.

There are speculations that the multi-device system could be the reason for the delay in the Pad version. It is addressing the issues faced by users with the introduction of these new features.

Are you looking forward to WhatsApp's multi-platform system? The release of this feature alongside a dedicated WhatsApp app for the iPad would make a lot of sense.

This new system is reportedly still under development and there is no estimated launch date. That said, since this is coming from an impeccable source that has a proven track record of releasing inside information weeks or even months before the official release, there is every likelihood that we may soon get to use the app on multiple devices.

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