Huawei Mate X foldable phone spotted in the wild

A foldable smartphone that’s better in every way than the Galaxy Fold just leaked

New trademark applications suggests LG’s own Samsung Galaxy Fold competitor is also coming soon

Samsung is all set to sell Galaxy Fold in September after making improvements in the product design, the company has announced.

Ever since the date of the launch was pushed back, Samsung stated that it has "made improvements" to the device.

The company also said it was conducting final product tests to make Galaxy Fold available to consumers starting September in select markets.

After months of delays, Samsung's Galaxy Fold is slated to finally arrive in September. There is no word on whether there will be design changes on the Mate X like the Galaxy Fold. Dates have not been provided yet but when the time gets closer, Samsung will make it known to the whole world.

A Chinese tech blogger ran into Huawei's mobile chief Richard Yu at the airport on the way to Shenzhen. One journalist who got the opportunity to hold the Mate X in June said the organization had made "notable progress" on the gadget since MWC in February, yet a Huawei official revealed to TechRadar that the hardware was "fundamentally the same" as what had been shown off earlier in the year. This additional camera is a TOF sensor, as confirmed by Huawei's website.

Samsung is still in converses with mobile carriers around the globe to decide subtleties of the Fold's sale, a source with knowledge of the issue said.

We don't see any navigation buttons, so it's easy to believe that the Mate X should support navigation gestures.

It is hard to tell if the quality or the foldability of the OLED display has been improved from pictures.

These pictures offer a better look at the camera setup than what we've previously seen. The quality of the images is not very dependable, so all perceptions here must be taken with a pinch of salt. Vincent Peng, a senior VP at Huawei, told The Wall Street Journal that Huawei was taking some time to improve the quality of the display. Anything else would surely condemn the Galaxy Fold for a while to come. The phone is created to unfold like a book and accommodates a screen that spans almost the entire inner surface area (with the exception of a bezel for the camera), and also sports a much smaller 4.6 inch display on the outside to be used for basic mobile tasks, the company explained.

It's those "rigorous tests" that will most likely ease concerns, as the Fold clearly wasn't ready when review units were initially sent out to the press.

But he added that the Fold hiccup is unlikely to affect Samsung's reputation or market position since there isn't much demand for foldable devices right now.

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