Omar says she won't stop criticizing Trump

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar More

"View" host Meghan McCain browbeat Democrats on Friday and provoked disagreement from co-host Joy Behar after claiming that President Trump should be easily defeated in 2020. Omar was born in Somalia and became a US citizen in 2000. Behar also commented that Trump threw his base "under the bus" when he distanced himself from the crowd's chants. And it wasn't the whole crowd, it was a couple of people right there in the front. We quoted her at length to say that these were mere accusations, that they were unfair, and that she shouldn't have to address them.

Kayleigh McEnany, the national press secretary for the president's reelection bid, told CBSN's "Red & Blue" that Mr. Trump "couldn't really hear what was going on" when some of the attendees at the Greensville rally on Wednesday chanted "send her back!".

US President Donald Trump gestures to the crowd as he arrives to speak at a campaign rally at Williams Arena in Greenville, North Carolina, July 17, 2019. The Squad jerks its party leftward every day; its members represent extremely blue, urban districts that just don't match the battleground states Democrats need to win to deny Trump a second term. "I disagree with it" and "would certainly try" to stop any similar chant at a future rally. "I can feel their pain when they talk about the sadness, when they talk about the fear". But I will say this, I did - and I started speaking very quickly. "They undermine it. He should not be the President of the United States", he added.

In North Carolina, Trump berated each of the four congresswomen and said: "They never have anything good to say".

"We can not be defined by this", said conservative Representative Mark Walker, who added that Republican leaders in the House of Representatives discussed the potential political risks at a breakfast with Vice-President Mike Pence.

But since Trump accused the minority lawmakers of hating America, telling them to "go back" to their countries of origin, the spotlight has landed squarely on Omar. But for others, they were just an average day on Facebook or Twitter, where allegations that Omar was not legitimately elected, is not a USA citizen and committed immigration fraud have festered in far right chatrooms, blogs and social media sites since she was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2016. (Carlson called her "living proof" that USA immigration policy isn't working.) Probably adding to their disdain for her is that a number of conspiracy theories have circulated about her, and Trump himself winked at one last night. We are not deterred. "We are not frightened".

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